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What are the operation hours for Kooky Cream’s outlet?

Operating daily with last call 30 mins before closing:

  • Kooky Cream @ The Hub, SS2
    • Sun - Thu (12:30-9:30PM)
    • Fri & Sat (12:30-10PM)
  • Kooky Cream @ Bangsar, Jalan Abdullah
    • Tues - Sun (11AM-7PM)


Is Kooky Cream “Halal”?
While we do not have halal certification, we want you to know that we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services, and we take your concerns very seriously. We source all of our ingredients from trusted halal suppliers, and we are proud to have Muslim team members on staff. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any further questions or concerns. We appreciate your interest in our bakery and hope to have the opportunity to serve you soon.


About Cake(s) & Other Baked Goods:

What are un-chilled cakes?
Un-chilled cake is a cake that is stored and served at the temperature of the room it's in. This means the cake is neither chilled nor heated, but left to sit at the natural room temperature. Many cakes, especially those with buttercream or chocolate ganache fillings, are best enjoyed at room temperature as it allows their flavors and textures to be at their most appealing.

How can I store un-chilled cakes?
It is best consumed at room temperature to have soft and moist texture ya . Do keep in fridge if can’t finish to keep fresh ya. We would also recommend to consume it at least after 1hr - 2hr after take out from fridge in order to have better soft texture for the cakes.


How many pax can the whole cakes be suitable to cater to?
5 inch : 2-4 pax
6 inch : 4-8 pax
9 inch : 8-12 pax


Sliced Cakes:

Where can I purchase Kooky Cream’s sliced cakes except by walk-ins
You may purchase our daily sliced cakes from any of our outlets via Beepit and delivery services are provided by Beepit too.

May I preorder Kooky Cream’s sliced cake in advance?
You may place order via

How many sliced cakes are required to form a perfect whole cake?
As our sliced cakes are being cut from a 9 inch cake, it requires 12 slices to form a perfect 9 inch whole cake. 

May I have the daily sliced cake menu for both Kooky Cream’s outlets?
Unfortunately, as our sliced cake choices change daily based on daily availability, sliced cake preordering is unavailable at the moment. However, daily sliced cakes availability can be viewed from Beepit as the team will update it once the cafe is open daily. 

How long can the sliced cake(s) last from the day I purchased it?
As our cakes are all freshly made and contain either fresh fruits, fresh cream, etc, we do recommend that customers chilled and consume them within 1-2 days upon purchasing from our cafe. 

How long can I keep the sliced cake(s)?
Our sliced cakes are recommended to be chilled and consumed within 1-2 days upon collection/receiving. 


Whole Cakes:

Is the cake freshly made?
Yes, all of our whole cakes are only being made upon preordering(s).

Where can I get the full Kooky Cream preorder menu?
You may view our full preorder menu (including: whole cakes, loaves, tarts, mini pavlovas, cookies and brownies) via our website. 

How many days in advance should I preorder a whole cake from Kooky Cream?

It depends on the specific cake some cakes may require a pre-order at least two days in advance, while others can be ordered and prepared on the same day.

How long can I keep the whole cake(s)?

Our whole cakes are recommended to be chilled and consumed within 2-3 days upon collection/receiving. 

    What if I need a cake urgently, will Kooky Cream have any whole cake available in-store for me to walk-in purchase?
    We do have a limited list of whole cakes available (while stock lasts) from the hub ss2 outlet only. OR you can place order via our GET IT TODAY menu.

    What will be included in Kooky Cream’s whole cake order if I were to order? 
    All of our pre-order whole cakes are being packed nicely with our self designed cake box, candle and a plastic cake knife packed separately in an envelope.

    Does Kooky Cream provide cake topper for pre-ordered whole cake orders?
    Yes, simple cake topper will also be provided with short wishes like “happy birthday” written on it upon request. 

    Does Kooky Cream provide message card?
    We do offer customized message limited to 50 words, you may fill up your message while placing order.

    Does Kooky Cream provide sparkle candles?
    We do have sparkle candle offerings with RM3.50/each in-store.

    Does Kooky Cream provide writing on cake services?
    Unfortunately, we do not have writing on cake services. 

    Does Kooky Cream provide whole cake customization?
    Unfortunately, we do not cater to any sort of customization at the moment. 



    What is the payment method for whole cake pre-ordering(s)?

    There are few payment methods for whole cake preordering according to different platform(s):

    • WWW.KOOKYCREAMBAKERY.COM - Kooky Cream official website (PayPal payment, Credit/Debit Card, FPX, e-Wallets)
    • Direct message via Kooky Cream Customer service hotline at +6012-240 4211 (Inter-Bank Transfer payment) 

    Full payment require upon preordering?

    Yes, all whole cakes preordering require full payment as order confirmation at least 2 days in advance.


    Cancellation, Amendment of Order(s), Exchange & Refund:

    Can I cancel my whole cake order after payment confirmation, will I get a full refund?
    Cancellation of order will need to be notified to our Kooky Cream’s customer service team at least 2 days. However, a refund will not take place but the amount will be credited for your next purchase with us.

    Can I change my whole cake order after I have confirmed my order with full payment transferred from Kooky Cream?
    Yes, amendment of whole cake(s) can be done with at least 2 days of notification to any of our Kooky Cream’s customer service team.

    Can I change my date of collection/delivery after I have confirmed my order with full payment transferred? 
    Yes, amendment of date of collection/delivery can be made with at least 2 days of notification to any of our Kooky Cream’s customer service team. 



    Does Kooky Cream supply to cafes?
    Unfortunately, we do not supply cakes to cafe(s). However, we do supply cookies and cake loaves to cafe(s). You may contact us at for further cafe(s) cookies supply details. 

    Does Kooky Cream accept collaboration(s)?
    Yes, Kooky Cream is constantly looking for new excitement for our cake lovers. You may contact our marketing team at for any collaboration project idea(s).



    Are the informations above able to help you? If these aren’t able to answer your doubts and inquiries, contact us directly via email at / DM us via Instagram or Facebook and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.