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Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy


1. Delivery Address Guideline

  • Please ensure that the delivery address entered matches the address on Google Maps to avoid any delivery issues.
  • Orders will be delivered to the exact address provided during checkout.
  • If a change of address is necessary after the order is placed, a processing fee of RM 5 will be charged.
  • The "Address" section should contain the full address as found on Google Maps.
  • The "Company/Apartment unit" section is optional and is for the driver's reference only.
  • For high-rise or multi-storied buildings, the driver will only deliver to the address entered in the "Address" section. Delivery to the unit is not included.
  • If the delivery location is too remote or unreachable, the driver will only deliver to the nearest car-accessible area. In this case, you will be required to collect the order from the driver at that location.
  • Please check the complete address for accuracy before completing your order. A change of address after order placement will incur a processing fee of RM 5.

2. Delivery Fee Guideline

  • We deliver to areas within 50km of our store, mainly in KL and Selangor regions, as per Google Maps.
  • The delivery fee will be automatically calculated based on the delivery address entered during checkout.
  • The calculated delivery fee will be displayed on the checkout page.
  • A minimum purchase of RM60 is required for delivery.
  • Only one delivery address is allowed per order number for the same date and time slot.
  • Deliveries to multiple locations, on different dates or at different times, even under the same customer bill, will be charged as separate deliveries under separate orders.
  • Separate orders must be placed on our website for deliveries to different venues or on different dates or times, even if they are under the same customer bill.

3. Delivery Method Guideline

  • Orders are delivered by on-demand 3rd party car drivers who are not affiliated with our brand, Kooky Cream.
  • Drivers follow pre-planned routes to deliver to multiple locations in one trip.
  • Once a driver has been assigned to an order, buyers will receive an email containing the driver's details. Please note that we cannot assign a specific driver to your order as all drivers are assigned randomly.
  • Delivery is non-cancellable once the driver's route has been arranged by us.
  • The delivery fee is non-refundable once the driver's route has been arranged by us.
We will do our best to deliver your order within the selected time slot, but please note that we cannot guarantee a specific delivery time. Our drivers deliver multiple orders in one trip, following an optimised route.
There are various factors that may affect the delivery time, including traffic and weather conditions, driver availability, and unforeseen circumstances. In the event of adverse weather conditions or other uncontrollable events, there may be delays or non-delivery. We are not responsible for any early arrivals or delays in delivery due to these factors, and no refunds or re-deliveries will be initiated.
We advise customers to choose a delivery time slot with these possibilities in mind, and to ensure that someone will be available to receive the order at the delivery address. If you require a more specific delivery time, we recommend opting for self-pickup or selecting an available earlier/later time slot.


  1. The availability of drivers.
  2. The ease of finding drivers/demand of drivers.
  3. Traffic conditions.
  4. Weather conditions.
  5. How long a driver is held up at a certain delivery location.
  6. Unforeseen circumstances.
  7. Natural disasters.
  8. Circumstances beyond our control.
Force Majeure
    1. Kooky Cream shall not be liable for delay in performing or for failure to perform its obligations if the delay or failure results from any of the following:
      1. Acts of God,
      2. outbreak of hostilities, riot, civil disturbance, acts of terrorism,
      3. the actions of any government or authority (including refusal or revocation of any license or consent),
      4. fire, explosion, flood, fog or adverse weather,
      5. power failure, failure of telecommunications lines, failure or breakdown of power plant, machinery, or vehicles,
      6. default of suppliers, sub-contractors, or delivery partners,
      7. theft, malicious damage, strike, lock-out, or industrial action of any kind, and
      8. any cause or circumstance whatsoever beyond Kooky Cream’s reasonable control.
    2. Adverse weather conditions (including but not limited to heavy rains, storms, floods, and typhoons).
      In such events, our delivery partners may not be able to deliver orders on time and long delays may occur. This is outside of our control. Kooky Cream will not accept responsibility for late delivery of orders and no refunds or re-deliveries will be initiated.
      Depending on the severity of adverse weather conditions, non-delivery may occur. In the event of non-delivery due to this, a refund will be given back to the buyer's account via their original payment method or by store credit, whichever Kooky Cream in their sole discretion sees fit.

It is recommended that buyers take into account the aforementioned factors when selecting a delivery time slot.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that the recipient will be home during delivery and it is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that someone is available to receive the order. While we make every effort to deliver orders within the selected time slot, we cannot be held responsible for any delays or early arrivals due to factors beyond our control, including the availability of third-party drivers.

If you cannot risk the order arriving outside of your preferred time frame, we suggest selecting self-pickup or choosing an alternative delivery time slot.


4. Upon Delivery
Once an order has been sent out for delivery, buyers will receive an email with the driver's details. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide an exact or approximate time of arrival due to various factors that can affect delivery time, as mentioned earlier. However, buyers can contact the driver for an estimated time of arrival (ETA). Please note that the ETA is just an estimation and can change depending on factors such as traffic, weather conditions, and the driver's route. Additionally, the driver may only be able to provide an ETA at a later time depending on their current location during the time of inquiry. Please keep in mind that an ETA is not a confirmation of arrival time.

High-rise/Multi-storied buildingsWe regret to inform you that we are unable to provide delivery services to the unit numbers of high-rise buildings and multi-storied buildings such as apartments, condominiums, malls, hotels, and so on. Our delivery partners are only able to drop off the cake to the recipient at the accessible drop-off point/lobby/ground floor of the building, where there is no parking required. High-rise buildings and multi-storied buildings include, but are not limited to:
  1. Apartments
  2. Condominiums
  3. Shopping malls
  4. Multi-storied shop lots
  5. Hospitals
  6. Restaurants
  7. Hotels
In the event that the recipient is unreachable or the delivery is unsuccessful, our driver will return the items to our store. If the recipient agrees or someone on their behalf consents, the driver can leave the items at the delivery drop-off table, guardhouse, reception, or another requested location. It is important to note that if the recipient or their representative requests for the items to be left in a particular location, they understand and accept that the items are fragile and are solely responsible for their condition once the driver leaves the items at the agreed location. Kooky Cream will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of the items once they are left at the requested location.

Delivery attemptour drivers will make only one attempt to deliver the items to the assigned address. The drivers are paid based on the distance traveled (in km) for the delivery. If the delivery is unsuccessful (see below for what is considered an unsuccessful delivery), the driver will not make another delivery attempt. Drivers will try to reach out to the recipient by:
  1. Calling the recipient’s contact number (normal voice call/Whatsapp).
  2. Texting the recipient’s contact number (SMS/WhatsApp).
  3. Calling/texting the alternative number (if provided).
  4. Ringing the doorbell (if available).
  5. Requesting intercom to the unit via the security of the building (if available).
  6. Requesting neighbour to receive on behalf (if able).
If the driver has tried two or more ways to deliver the package but still can't reach the recipient, then the delivery is considered unsuccessful. You can find more information about unsuccessful deliveries below.


If the buyer/recipient requests the driver to:

  1. Deliver to another address, regardless of whether the driver has arrived at the original assigned address or not,
  2. Make another delivery attempt at a later time, regardless of whether the driver has arrived at the original assigned address or not, or
  3. Make some other requests that require the driver to travel,

The driver will charge an extra fee based on the distance (in kilometers) traveled. It is the responsibility of either you, the recipient, or the person who arranged the driver to communicate directly with the driver and pay the additional fee.

Requests made to the driver are subject to the willingness and ability of the driver to accommodate such requests. Where the driver is not able or willing to accommodate your request, regardless of whether you are willing to pay additional charges, the delivery is then considered unsuccessful.


A delivery is considered successful if:

  1. The recipient or someone on their behalf receives the package.
  2. The package is left at a specified location agreed upon by the recipient or someone on their behalf, such as a guardhouse, receptionist, neighbor, or requested location.

People who receive the items from the driver should check the items for any damage or defects and inform the driver if any are found before they leave. If any defects or damages occur during delivery, proof of the defect or damage must be provided, and we must be notified within 3 hours on the delivery day. Kooky Cream will evaluate and investigate the situation and make a decision on the next steps, taking all relevant factors into consideration.

An unsuccessful delivery occurs when the driver cannot deliver the items to the recipient due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The recipient cannot be contacted when the driver arrives at the delivery address.
  2. The recipient is not present when the driver arrives at the delivery address.
  3. No one is available to collect the items on the recipient's behalf.
  4. The delivery address provided is incorrect or insufficient.
  5. No valid contact number was provided for us to contact the recipient.
  6. The recipient is unwilling to collect the order from the driver at the drop-off point.
  7. The recipient refuses to accept the items.
  8. The recipient does not consent to leaving the items with someone else.
  9. The recipient/buyer requests the driver to wait at the delivery address for longer than 10 minutes.
Other circumstances that prevent the driver from passing the items to the recipient/someone on behalf of the recipient. In the event of an unsuccessful delivery, the buyer will be notified via email. The driver will bring the items back to the store, and no refunds will be given due to the perishable nature of the products and our on-demand delivery service. No further delivery attempts will be made on the same day, even if additional delivery fees are paid. The buyer or someone on their behalf is required to collect the items from the store on the same day or the next day during operating hours. If the items are uncollected for more than 2 days, they will be disposed of. Kooky Cream will not be held responsible for the condition of the items in case of an unsuccessful delivery.


 Damage / Defects

If you receive a damaged or defective item, please contact us immediately at or Whatsapp us at +6012-240 4211. We will require images to support your claim and you must notify us within 4 hours of receiving the order. We will assess the situation and, at our sole discretion, arrange for a replacement cake to be delivered or issue a refund. If you fail to report the damage within 4 hours, we may not be able to accept your claim.


We strive to ensure your order is delivered in good condition. If you don't receive an email with the driver's details within your chosen time slot or suspect a mistake on our part causing non-delivery, please contact us at or via WhatsApp at +6012 240 4211. Although we aim to deliver all items, unintentional human errors may occur. Regrettably, we cannot redeliver non-chargeable/free items like message cards, candles, knives, and paper bags if they are undelivered.


Kooky Cream Sdn. Bhd. reserves the right to amend this policy from time to time without prior notice.